11 PM Day 4

@mafiabot kill Gamut

@mafiabot kill KrazyKat

Red Mafia Wins ! GG's everyone kat and dan you guys can stay and watch me play dd2 all day and you're welcome anytime you guys are cool kats

@Gamut was Purple Mafia Watcher btw

@KrazyKat was the last Vanilla Townie trying to hide in the obliterated remains of brick's pillow fort

End game poll

Should jdance's title be changed to Dan's Bitch
  • yes
  • no

0 voters

If I didn't have headache from hell yesterday and/or IAAFR didn't self-destruct I think we had this game. GGs all.

gg was fun lads


idk i would've eventually given into ian and lynched iaafr

ggs im a 5 on the gay scale


we win because of me

i am a genius

good host osiris except you keep accidentally putting a clown reaction on my posts

gamut was actually playing of course he was scum you are all ■■■■■■■■

you think if he was town he would have been active? nope you're ■■■■■■■■

iaafr was playing like a scared boy trying to get older adults to like him

he had no viciousness this game so he was scum

@bazingaboy you suck
@kyle you're somehow worse

I was policy lynched