2 weeks sober

Officially sober 14 days now

Oh how I want cocaine. Last 2 days hard core withdrawals


goodluck bud i've known craving

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you got this man, the bulk of it is over

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relapsed. Worst wasenrt over..... sry everyone.

i had a super weird dream last night that involved hanging out with some girl who had a giant bag of cocaine and doing cocaine with her

wtf actually?

is my brain just completely fucked or what

I had a dream I lent my cat to this chick and we lost it in her mansion

Try finding a cat in a fucking mansion dude

it was a good training period. u can start again

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not as bad as mine, I keep dreaming of imaginary women and/or exes

I used to abhor the classroom test dreams, now I know they're better than the floating away or ex dreams and manage to enjoy myself during em

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that feeling when you know what's about to happen but you can't stop it because it was real, it happened, and subconscious has no chill :trumplookingoutawindow:

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yeah my brain trolling me has gotten tiring

poor sleep for a few years now wouldn't be surprised if I was having a ton of those dreams and just not retaining it

Everybody relapses. Relapsing is actually the point where you learn how to succeed. Think of it as getting a math problem correct - there's no value in that. When you get it wrong you get to learn how to do it right. This is what a relapse is, an opportunity to learn why something happened and to do better in the future

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next relapse i'll tell anyone concerned about me to not be i'm just learning

You've quickly found out why the thing I typed above can be used to relapse good job

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“Can be used” well I’ll be

Ayo plasma

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