2 weeks sober

■■■■■ I been relapsing for 10 years now lol

learn harder

Did $150 worth of blow and a 1.5L bottle of vodka Friday 2pm to Saturday 8am.

Still recovering. Still hung over

let's get back on the sober streak


Unpopular opinion plasma overdosing wouldn't be such a bad thing

Never seen this fucker express remorse about being a dogshit human a single time. No sympathy

I've read that rich people don't get hooked on things like coke because they buy it in large quantities and huff it all up and just don't want it after.

Where as lesser fortunate people buy in small quantities and keep chasing that high.

I kinda get it now.

Jdance sorry that ur a pus was hoping for the od

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You are a less fortunate of a person because of absolute dogshit decisions you have made throughout your adult life. Be a man and own it

Regardless your wishes of being a rich drug addict are hilarious. What a dogshit desire

If ONLY I was a RICH drug addict. My life would be so much better!

Ur a donkey

Yeah bro I'm the donkey

It would be way too much work for you to admit that your life sucks. Better for you to just rationalize it. Enjoy the rest of your life lmao

It sucks in some ways and it's fun in others.

Maybe it would have been better to just be a drone at the same time I get to troll the world with esports

More rationalization

Being a drug addicted poor construction worker isn't really that bad! I can troll the internet sometimes!

I was poor now I'm not after getting cancelled because I said fuck this

Sure buddy

I work 70 hours a month and take home 4k Canadian I'm chilling