2 weeks sober

Worked 2 hours today while smoking a cigar. Got home charged for 5

Love u @jdance peace be upon u

Very fulfilling life you live!

Working 180hrs a week paying taxes to pay for things you don't agree fulfilling? Not my cup of tea. Gonna die anyway

The more I read this forum the more I understand you people need to read more books

You people das racist typical lib

i cant read. siri is doing it for me. idiots

@Plasma1337 you think you’re fucking tough bud? I fucked your mom so hard she shot cum straight across the room and killed my siamese fighting fish. threw off the fucking pH levels in my aquarium. you fucking heard me.

Unvaxxed alkaline semen

Kill yourself with progressivism. I don't care anymore. Not my country not my circus not my monkeys