2018 Annual Moderator For A Day Competition!

Dan told me that if I made posts for the community there is a high likelihood that he would promote me to moderator, so I’ve decided to start a new NaMafia.com yearly tradition - The Moderator For A Day Competition!

If you would like to compete, just submit a short (no more than 5000 word) essay on why you would like to be moderator for a day, what you would do during that time, and whatever else you think fits or is applicable to why you would like to be moderator.

After a three day submission period, the members of NaMafia.com will vote in a poll to decide who will become MFAD!

You have until September 10, 2018 1:35 AM (America: New York) to submit your essay. So get it in as soon as possible!

Dear namafia,

I want to relive the glory of the twilight days and I know you do too.


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I will quash all dissenters.

A day? I only need an hour.


I will support Alightsoul as a sign of good-will and of our renewed relationship.

Vote Alightsoul

Well guys, names jdance or you can call me Matthew if you want. I’m probably the newest member to this board, and I had neither DotA or mafia experience before coming here so the only thing we all shared was just being humans.

Wasn’t sure how well I’d fit in at first. I was hopin that I wouldn’t cause too much stress on the forum because at times I can be erratic so I made this poll to see if you guys was enjoying me as much as I was enjoying you: Do you guys like me, or not?

And as it turns out I was doing alright by myself here. Way I see it slowdive probably voting a yes nowadays and that’s pretty astounding I think - 17/1 ratio - I don’t think you find a more liked user on this site than me and that’s a fact.

As far as what I would do if I were mod for a day - I’d ban everyone except Goyclub. The site would consist of just me, nmagane, Benny, and Jones.

And yeah you know even if I don’t win that’s alright, I just wanna be doin what the community a wantin me to be doin. That’s all I got

Moderator For A Day, q0q15.
A day is short; my “justice” must be so swift, so forceful that a day’s work becomes unending.

My major forcepoint will be the sect of posters that belong to “white male/asian female” and the howling mob who bellows encouragement; as follows:

huber, yns.
deepthroat, grimelines, ?, others.

Over the course of time, the sect of WMAF posters have devolved into abject trophyism regarding their sexual exploits with their partner; all posts surrounding their relationship solely deal with two things:

  1. Their partner is an asian female.
  2. Their sexual prowess, promiscuity, quality, or quantity of their intercourse.

Are you not embarassed by the tastelessness of your posts? Do these posts not bring you some feeling of uneasiness in your obvious, I don’t know, sexual objectification, misogyny, take your pick? Do you think your Asian Female would feel postively about you after making these posts? Maybe it’s something to do with being unintelligent, disgusting, and a manlet; I don’t particularly know.

Take for instance, Huber’s post of his girlfriend, where they’re in bed (presumably after intercourse) and she’s covering her face. Do you have no shame, you slovenly fucking pig? This post uncannily fufills the WMAF (Foreign Edition) stereotype to unseen levels; it honestly belongs on /a/.

I ask you to please stop, realize that you’re just puffing yourself up in front of pathetic public forum by objectifying, reducing, denigrating your partner (that one poster claims to love, HA!), and be largely what I would consider a decent human being.

I’ve made my share of tasteless posts and do not reside in some different moracle scope; to further illustrate this, I descend now with these parting words.

It would bring me something, some sort of positive feeling, to beat the majority of you to death; the thought (an actual fantasy of mine) has deep resounding in my heart. I certainly hope that given the chance and opportunity, I would have the courage to crush your skull into pieces and leave your lifeless body in the woods.


Hi I want to be moderator for a day to ban goyclub

WMAF posters (grimelimes, deep throat, hubert), hear me:

A vote for Wintermute is a vote for your continued existence. I will defend you from this cretinous misanthrope. Does he not know the joys of sex? Heh - rhetorical, of course. I will even extend this offer tentatively to AMWF (certain Asian subtypes only, obviously).

If you do not wish to be crushed in the woods, vote Wintermute.

Personally I wouldn’t want to be a moderator even if the community vote is for me haha.

This application got lit real quick

mod me now. make me admin or else.

bees was once my henchman and im willing to allow dan to be my next.

You’ve miscategorized me: I haven’t been hooking up with Asian girls

I believe he was referring to you whence describing people cackling with glee and yelling words of encouragement of white former recluses hooking up with asian girl demographic.

I’m very against whites hooking up with Asians. The hapas threat must be quashed

I’m not against it but I do find Jones’s observation on the David Lynch-esque (sic) irony of using a girlfriend as a sexual trophy if you’re white and they’re asian.

if it wasnt for the stigma of htouhsands of retarded white men getting mail order brides along with a bunch of white dudes regarding asian women as smarter/more culturally level than white counterparts… i’d be mike freaking cernovhich

hows nascar and country music a decent alternative to thousands of years culture tho

Asian gfs are the best idc what any nerds say