2019 Acceptance Criteria

Hi All,

I figured before jumping into the new year it would be a good idea to have a quick chat and set up some acceptance criteria by which we can decide whether we are going to accept or reject 2019.

What are you looking for from 2019, specifically? What would make it a good year for you?

This is not a New Year’s Resolutions thread. There is already a thread for that. This is about the year itself - 2019 - and what it needs to deliver.

Feel free to go wild - throw some ideas out there.

(Caveat: no using my thread as a vehicle to put down others. Eg. I hope X poster kills himself - this joke has been done before a million times and you aren’t funny or original for contributing it)

What would make it a good year for me: Nothing changing at all.

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I will kick it off.

AWS Buffet - Jeff Bezos should create a buffet I can go to that uses the Whole Foods camera thing to track the food as I put it in my mouth. I can grab 10 crab legs and a belgian waffle from the buffet table, nibble on each a little bit and then throw them out, walk out of there and it all gets charged to my AWS account.

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Don’t even feel better after vomiting that time.

My life is pretty much perfect. I don’t think it can get better.

NADota dies again - Hoping NADota dies again after some massive drama with admins or a mafia player being banned - then we revive it again and it has better CSS.

Fuck SC2 Scarlett
Sakura con

So long as there are many people in the world, there cannot be a lot of suffering.

Man up.


Finally lose my virginity - this one should be a no brainer. I think 2019 owes it to me. I hope this is the year that mom finally finds me a nice girl and we go out and have a good time.

I want sex change doctors to take veins out of my leg and put them on my dick

Well I guess I was wrong - that’s the one thing that would make life better.

Can you explain these

Is this saying you would like to fuck SC2 scarlet

I think we can all agree that a President Pence would be a mastermind who will work for the white working class


Matt always teased me for having a crush on her but she’s so fucking KAWAII

Hillary finally goes to jail - this is a big one for me and I think 2019 might be the year we finally do it.

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2018 ‘Awards’ or whatever coming in January btw if you’re craving the retrospective atighthole

Follow yns’s gf to China

Retrospective? This is a Prospective.