7.20 patch thread


  • Removed Daily Bonus Hero concept
  • Random once again picks from the entire hero pool, but now ignores your 25 least played heroes [?]
  • Random can now only be used for the first two hero picks on your team

Stopped reading after this I’m already sold best patch in years

Bounty Hunter

a lot of wierd roleplay stuff in this patch

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Carry bounty hunter here I come

Played one game. Still not fun.

fucking idiot

TP item slot lmao

Two for attack passives added

We LoL now

Lone Druid = BACK

@kaptenrobert @jones

buy phase on bear and hero and run at them with max W

I’m a god


What? You didn’t predict that shit

not really feeling these new phase boots

You’re right. I fucking wrote the patch notes.

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? The daily hero challenge was the worst fucking thing they did to DotA. This random is dope. It stops you from getting heroes you rarely play and you can’t random last pick. The stopping was a meme, this patch is weird af.

I think bounty is a really good hero

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The random feature making you force to swap was cool