7.20 patch thread


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Sorry none of you will ever get to try the quad power treads build ; /

The new power treads might be stackable however; will need more testing.

Then I realized it can multicast when you sentry and kill the ward and sentry. Prettty neat.

Soulring + urn might be nuts on ogre now

i just got impulse 2 games in a row and hes the most fucking retarded human ive ever played with

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Holy fuck this new Naga Siren is OP. Phase boots on this hero fixes all pathing issues with illusions.

I don’t know why the damage isn’t physical though from Riptide passive.

I conclude that Meepo with Phase boots is godlike since attack speed goes to images (I Think in the case of meepo>? not sure)

In any case the phase boots on meepo highlights which is the main one for enemies so not sure if that is good or bad.

Desolator Tide is so savage. Deso procs before damage.

Can everyone just stfu until refpsi makes a video with his thoughts

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I agree new random is better because now you can safely random without getting shadow demon but it doesnt matter because im never playing again haha

haha I said shut the fuck up haha

Sorry that was rude I didn’t mean that, please continue

Bees get off namafia and go bang a hawaiian chick

Do you mean anchor smash applies it? I thought about building it yesterday but then I changed my mind because i didnt think it would work. Built an armlet instead.

Really funny how nlt even anchor smash damage goes through magic immunity.

I’m trying to kill this juggernaut and I find out my spell doesn’t work on him but then I see him being healed by warlock?? Absurd

What does spell immunity stop?

Physical anchor smash damage: yes
Magic spell heal: nope

yeah i feel like they changed a lot of stuff over the years to finally make it consistent which skills go through bkb and now it’s confusing again

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Go back 2-3 years and its not even the same game

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Its like they stole the heroes and vaguely copied the map and the rest is entirely differenr

Removing stats was the first indicator this game was getting ruined

Naw comeback mechanics was the first one. Talents and stats removal was 2nd

You kill someone 6 times in lane and they hit levek 4 before you :joy:

Alright Gaymers rise up I’m grinding

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What did they mean by this

dark seer cow surge lane