7.31 is the nail in the coffin

by far the worst patch ever made

a good time to uninstall

was good while it lasted

You're posting about Dota in 2022. Go do something with your life

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idk how you can have trust in that game after 7.00

after they fix the broke shit it will be good

power creep fun

addition of map objectives good

talent trees are an interesting way to balance too

Zeus is better without a stupid passive even if the new ability is super Mario themed

Shut the fuck up.

Just paid my polaks. For the first time ever some one said thank you. Yanks never once said thanks.

Fuck u. Go back to your conspiracy theories

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Dota has been bad since they added magic res to neutral creeps

Bring me back to 6.84

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such a joy going from the best meta of all time in ti6 to half the heroes being unplayable and the other half broken

bloodstone + respawn timer talent lina never forget

6.4b gang

Can't play Dota anymore but like to watch streams once in a while

Dota has been bad since they changed it significantly enough that you can't just come back to the game and play casually after years break

Talent trees, the passive item from neutrals, etc

I understand these make the game interesting (new options for balance & added complexity) for longtime players but you have essentially locked out your lapsed players when you do this

+ new heroes are all league heroes. Hey it's a new tanky initiator with a dash and very mild CC

+ also they started putting cool stuff behind paywalls. can't just come back and play the new content thing because it's in a "battle pass" and you have to "level up"

I believe Icefrog left Dota in like 2016


game died cuz valve sold out to match making algorithms, hiring literal psychologist, and various other shit to promote cosmetics, casual play, and to encourage new players who eventually will just be money spending, cosmetic buying, dota 2 e sports spectators.

the original player base was disenfranchised from their game. hence why most of us dont play and just watch occasionally and NEVER give these corrupt mofos at valve our money.
comebacks and advantages were earned. now they are just gained by playing long enough because all heroes have stupid ass power creeps, weird ridiculous power spikes, so a single bad fight can easily throw your whole advantage, there is no room for error for those who played well for the first 25minutes, a comeback is easy and free which psychologically traps people into playing, and thinking they are playing well even at a loss. rather than learn the game, you kinda just play, and get your lil op power spike, pick one player off, then suddenly can fight the rest enemy team regardless of their advantage.

there was a dota where if you played the god damn actual game well, you would see 3v5 and 4v5 fights go very well in the favor of those with the advantage earned by solid play, rather than the advantage earned just simply because having an extra hero is busted due to power creep, even if you earned a significant advantage.

other criticisms are valid but the psychologist thing has nothing to do with it and ruins your message to me personally

these psychologists don't have any impact on game decisions or meta their only dota job is to help design the reporting system and possibly raise general user sentiment outside of the core game. Their actual job probably entails increasing overall customer spending on their platform(s), overseeing support, etc

Just don't hear psychology and assume there's psychologists sitting in a room telling these guys how to design a game. they're completely different skillsets with very little overlap to the point where only the most gifted psych could feasibly impact the core game and it would not be large scale