For the land of the free and the home of the brave

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how do u fuck up the date for 9/11 man


I saw nonr of you commie loving Yankees posted about the beloved red white and blue yesterday so me a Polak living in commiefornia of the north did it for you.

May god bless lord emperor trump and his followers

Fucking commies

suck ass through a straw tbh


where was plasma when kandahar fell? where was plasma when the helmand river valley turned to mud?

couldn't even volunteer to hand out water bottles and mre's in ukraine LMAO

trump is very likely a homosexual pedo

his son can't stop talking about his dads penis

Fuck you. Globalists are using Ukraine to fuck shit up. I'm on Russia's side.

Not a fan of the totalitarian lgbtiqgay+ using ukie flag as part of them. N

Trump has a wonderful penis

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That's not what you and daddy said before or were you just lying to act tough?

this is the famous trump flip flop. he doesn't wear them because he is manly.

7-11 was a part-time job.

there was a peace deal on the table in april/may but Boris Johnson flew to UKRAINE to tell him the masters didn't want the war to end

merchants of death tier nonsense: all federal employees (and their families) should be brutally raped and killed.

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I saw an enormous flag (3-stories) with the actual photo of the detonation of the world trade center on my way home from work today notated with "NEVER FORGET".



having lasting convictions is tough
pretending to be hard on the internet while sitting at home abusing drugs and blaming minorities: child's play


Putin isn't half bad when you really think about things though