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@anon31000304 Why is this in spam?


i guess i'm blacklisted for being in contact with the egyptian hacker that is trying to destroy namafia... be careful electrowizard.. you might be next.


If you move spam posts back to general again I'm going to ban you for twice the amount of time I did last time.

Because it's spam and you're doing it purposefully. Feel free to post it in the "Videos" thread, I'm sure it will be safe there.

it's not spam. i'm doing it to foster discussion but nobody is interested apparently, so you just decide it's "spam". Pretty oppressive of you to treat a middle easterner in this manner to be honest.


Tell Ewiz I liked his post

virtue signal about implicit racism on a forum you're the moderator of
blacklist and ban all the actual minorities that try to use the site

you can ask dan about the nma ban, i'm not in charge of that and i'm not involved. also this racism thing seems very good faith

it is in good faith, it's ironic your actions don't match up to your words. What about my lounge access? Both you and dan can easily tell if i'm account sharing(which i haven't done since 3 months, right after the first warning and the ban) but i'm still not allowed into the lounge

reason: because you're scared of me interacting with an egyptian person on teamspeak
it's really great how in addition to being a pussy faggot in real life you guys resort to the same mannerisms on an online forum as well.

Your avatar, name, and posting are nmagne

Nmagane and ewiz contributions from the deep web ts channels

SERVER LOCATION: ts.dev-urandom.eu
codename: K I L L N Y T E

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i could care less. also come to st louis then meet up

Is it account sharing if nmagane is feeding the Turk posts

or Benny

he's not feeding me anything, he has like 5 accounts

turk said specifically that he was being fed nma posts and its incredibly obvious too. I'm not gonna dig up the post but it's there.

and the odd fact that he has the exact avatar and name :thinking: