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Electrowizard is the problem

Dont be stupid guys

He's actively working to shit all over the site because he's still mad dan wouldn't ban people when he asked like 1y ago

Ask him directly, he won't deny it

just unban the egyptian. now there is gunna be post feeding witch hunts good lord

it's not my choice to make, and i will ban ppl who are post feeding from someone who is perma-banned. that's just ban evasion using copy and paste.

if dan decides nma is ready to leave the playpen he can make all the threads he wants

just checked his ip and looks like jones is logged into the ewiz account right now. banning, thanks!

Ewiz was transparent about offering his account to any banned users/goys whom he felt were "oppressed" by the moderation team

Also do you guys really not recognize Nma's voice in vocaroo/nma's posts in an arabic thread

i saw that he was spoofing his ip the past few days but i had no proof that i could use to ban him. i can't look at every post, nor listen to every vocaroo (i didnt click it)

he was just using a vpn in wash state, and while it was 99% obvious the arabic stuff was fed from nma, i can't just ban off of a hunch, but since they're too stupid to spoof ip after getting banned it makes it easier

Ewiz has no reason to spoof or even use a vpn

If you see a vpn it's transparently NMA or dendi

drunk posting nadota lets go

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marry me for a greencard

Great now I cant get egyptian feedback