A Christmas Carol [SIGNUPS - FULL] [9/9]

A Christmas Carol - Three faction game

The Town:
1x Santa Claus: Win condition: Survive Christmas and lynch the Grinch.
1x Elf: Protect Santa Claus! No special abilities.
1x Rudolph: is informed when a Christmas Ghost uses an ability, and sees their results.
Town have day chat.

The Ghosts of Christmas:
1x Ghost of Christmas Past: Can read a past lynch vote, revealing number of mafia, town, and ghosts voting on most voted player, and the lynched player's alignment.
Can be used on a lynch in a previous day (top voted or not) or current day (as long as it's not currently top voted).
1x Ghost of Christmas Present: Can read who he's voting on, revealing their allegiance and number of players from each allegiance voting alongside him.
1x Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come: Can read a future lynch, revealing the allegiance of currently most voted player, and number of players from each allegiance voting on them.
Ghosts have no private chat.
The ghosts of Christmas win the game by figuring out who the other ghosts are.
Ghost abilities can only be used once a day. Ghosts can only make their guess ONCE - if they miss, they lose.


The Mafia:
1x Grinch: Survive Christmas and lynch Santa Claus.
1x Coal: A lump of coal, with no special abilities.
1x Scrooge: is informed when a Christmas Ghost uses an ability, and sees their results.
No night kills.
Mafia have day chat.

The game ends once any of the three teams achieves their win condition.
The game has no night phases.
Roles are not flipped on lynch.

5. @Matticus
6. @KrazyKat

@mafiabot host

Let's get this game started before Christmas.

@mafiabot sign

We have till January 7th to get this game started

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You stole my setup. U stole the idea of adding random roles that do random shit

@mafiabot sign

No I didn't. This setup is fully inspired by Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol".

"The Grinch" was in A Christmas Carol?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so I will thank you for the compliment and sign your game.

You should add a "gift" that gets given to a random player day 2 and kills multiple players if opened.

Can I be Rudolph?



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@mafiabot slist

Looks like 6/13 now.