A Comparison Of Posts Created vs Likes Received - Jdance Vlog Episode #1

I'm pretty sure we had a side wide tally some years ago and LBJ won it somehow

jdance im curious if you still use your time release Tupperware or the noveltys gone and you're over them

Quarterly LPP -- May 28 thru Aug 28 -- by most posts created descending

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Some observations: There are two clear outliers in the top posters, ewiz (performing significantly below average) and theGreatWingdingi (significantly above).

LBJ, IAFR, and Jdance also show slight outperformance for the period.

These stats are very surprising in light of admin epokkk's policy decisions this quarter, which focused on acquiring ewiz (a serious underperformer) and using "user level" downgrades and custom titles to bully Jdance and theGreatWingdingi, the site's #1 and #3 performers from our data set.

Also very surprising that my stats are still so good in the ewiz age, in which I spend most of my time arguing about stupid shit and making a bunch of people mad

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I'm happy with 130

These are literally the Fun Poster Rankings

I will automate the Quarterly LPP Review if someone can just write a design document for me

pretty representative too, that's probably the order I'd rank the posters ability to make me laugh, with the exception of LBJ being too high

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somehow LBJ always scores high, who is pumping him?

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I agree LBJ is too high. Didn't want to be the first to say it though

I think epok is also too high. I tend to "like" epok posts when I think they are obnoxious

Which reminds me. Ewiz is actually inflated because jdance and I were "liking" a bunch of his posts when he was repeatedly posting that kill yourself/bleed out stuff

We need to phase out the passive-aggressive like if we are going to use this as a metric of poster quality

slowdive is the only poster who ever had a long stretch of passive aggressive liking iirc

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also playing high activity mafia is disastrous for one's LPP

it's not unusual to go 100-200 posts without a single like there, would never happen to even the most boring poster under normal circumstances

anyone notice jdance did the math on his own like per post wrong

also i'm at a solid 0.186, just barely edging out @theGreatWingdingi

You can make good posts in mafia

In fact there are two of yours I will be liking after the game if I remember. But I didn't want to like while game was ongoing

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i feel like my LPP in mafia games might actually be higher than outside of them but it's just a vague feeling

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