a year of anhedonia for every time i ebladed chris in his own chrono

g-guys im actually so depressed still! look im still depressed! give me more attention!

Do you have depression?

Not really.

I can transmit it to you sexually. Let me know. Its an STD

That's probably how @Dondi_Fontaine_Houwk got it.

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Yes yes, you're crazy and depressed. We get it.
Wanna join inhouse?

I understand the humor: It's funny because it's stupid. You're just pretending to be ■■■■■■■■■

That's a good joke. Do it again :)

A different style of humor I see.
This is the "Hahaha, I'm making fun of something I like as a joke"

Is this going to be another flirting session?

I don't see the benefit in you pretending like you don't like anything.
It doesn't make you look cool, you just look like you're trying too hard.

"No bro really I just like drugs and the club
I don't like this NERD shit hahaha bro look at these nerds"

You're just having an identity crisis.

Holy shit Dendi is fucking INSANE bro

More coomer-brained garbage.
When are you going to break free from the CIA "have sex now" brainwashing?

You either choose to side with Dendi Fountain Hook or with Lil Yachty Poppin Molly.
You seem indecisive.