Age of Empires 2 HD

Been playing this game with my bud and having so much fun

I'd love to organise an NaDotA 8 player FFA game or something like that if there are enough people who play this game here

AoE2 and rise of rome are fantastic games. I’d take a trip down memory lane if I had the time

id be super down to play aoe 2, where do you guys play?

i just play in the multiplayer client, is there another way?

i usually play on gameranger

inject this shit into my veins

ill check it out, i dont have all the extra expansions though just the basic game. ill probably buy them at some point

I dont rly play this one but ive been playing hella age of mythology.

id love to buy age of mythology and AoE 3 but they’re just too expensive to justify

I didnt like the newer AoEs with cards and shit

@insom play aom w me

also im pretty sure you were on a dota team with one of my scrubby friends back in like 2012 or so and thats really funny to me.

i was on a lot of teams with a lot of people

installed voobly, and the compatibility patch. still says error or some shit, game not recognized. idk.

cant get it to work

I've been watching some AoE 2 recently. This viper dude is apparently the top rated dude and get's like 2k viewers on twitch

yeah that guy is nutty as fuck, DauT too

this game owns

i watched some twitch streams and realized how bad i was

its insanely hard compared to the oldschool lategame 4+ hour people

yeah thats how most of my games went, 3 hours in ppl got bored or tired and just saved the game