aliens were real all along thread

this is not a joke, this is not a drilll.

it was always so obvious intelligent life was out there if you thought about it for more than 2 seconds. the fact we hadn't discovered it yet didn't 'disprove' anything. it was always like "oh it's so strange we haven't discovered intelligent life, there should be so much of it" and that itself was the anomaly.

well.... it turns out we had. many, many times. no, i'm not kidding. this is real. this is beyond conspiracy at this point. it started with the videos of the drones from the naval drills in the Gulf of Mexico 2 years ago and now we are here. in 10 years you will be living in a completely new world.

our world is about to get turned upside down. between this, potential nuclear war, and future climate crisis, this is gonna be the most important 25-50 years in the history of our species. it's an honour be alive at the same time as you all and live through it.

it will be so darkly hilarious if the rumour they suppressed these craft because they had easy energy solutions that would put big oil out of business (and also damage American global financial hegemony). i swear to fucking god if this is true, lmao.

Military whistleblower goes public with claims US has secret UFO retrieval program: ‘Terrestrial arms race’

U.S. Has UFOs of 'Non-Human Origin', Ex-Intelligence Officer Claims

Pentagon is experimenting on UFO parts from crashed alien aircraft to make WEAPONS, claims whistleblower

OK, WTF Is Going on With the 'Intact Craft of Non-Human Origin' Allegedly Recovered by the U.S. Government?

US collects intact UFOs as part of secret program, Air Force veteran claims

everyone from VICE on the left, NYPost on the right and Newsweek in the middle (and Fox for the normie right), i mean everyone is reporting on this.

Aliens. Are. Real.

You may laugh now, but some time within the next decade our lives are going to be rapidly and forever turned upside down and will never be the same ever again. Best to start mentally preparing now.

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btw this is only the first whistleblower's statements who have been made public so far.... more are coming.

this is actually fucking crazy.

Aliens are not real

lol based on what exactly? your gut feeling?

can you tell me how many galaxies there are and how many stars there are per galaxy?

100-200 billion galaxies, 100m+ stars per galaxy, you're a math guy, tell me how many star systems that is (plenty of which are already shown to have planets capable of hosting life)

oh, we didn't find any life in Alpha Centauri, I guess aliens aren't real guys


I'm sure all these White House guys giving secret speeches to congress are just in on the prank, it's all a big prank

that time a helicopter came onto a US navy vessel and took all the footage of the UAP the flight crews encountered, that was just a prank too

a literal provable thing that has been corroborated by multiple sources

did anyone seriously think the fermi paradox was a valid theory? "oh well i guess that explains it yep there must be absolutely no life out there none whatsoever"


Having a normal one i see


The whole human race will be "having a normal one" when this shit inevitably gets proven (it will get proven within our lifetimes).

Witness me. Remember this post.

When your world comes crashing around your non-believing ears, I want you to hear my voice in your ear... whispering... insom was right again


Amaghad we draining all of our resources for a useless war to support inflation corruption

Oh look aliens kek

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Smooth Brain!!!!

This is so cool.



Literally nobody cares about "the war" anymore.
It's been going on for 10 years exclusively funded by morons like you who follow it on the media.
If you want The War to stop: Stop clicking.

You're "draining your resources" to support this:

they're already here. 'vaccines' and the gene therapy clinics soon to come out are harvesting your dna. birds aren't real