all out war.

Today marks the day. The day that the goons stand up, the day that all you hooligans in the shadows with no light come together. Come together to bring upon ■■■ 'epok' gaylord his day. His day of reckoning.

You see i've tried working with ■■■ in the past, however i've never trusted him. I fear that it is him meddling in my journalism(which I take very seriously).

Here you can see me being quite skeptical as my story has STILL not seen the light of day.

Here you can see me giving him a small warning.

and finally this was the last straw, i attempted to save this website and this is what happens. THIS.

Today ■■■ falls.

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if you promote me now then i will consider stopping all of this.

please play this in the background while you read my message.

how do I play this and read your post on mobile?

I can play the song or read it but not both have any ideas for this problem?

Get a better browser or off osx seems fine to me

i want you to first play the youtube video then remember how it sounds and then read the post.

I’ve tried but I keep forgetting how it goes

The song roll (Burbank funk) by the Internet keeps playing in my head instead

Hahahahahahahaha! Had me in tears. Thanks Kyle :blush:

this thread is almost bad enough to make me post about it and note when I say bad enough, it’s related to the general idea and premise and nothing to do with execution.

shut up. either join me or shut up.

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Power plays like this don’t work Kyle. Believe me I have experience with this kind of thing and past site ownership.

You have no leverage.

i wil win. if the boys come together we are instopable

Hell yeah

maybe we can strike a deal.

Lol you’re not wrong. I spit out my water cup

You're absolutely right

I’d stand with Kyle if we ever got that asoul hitpiece. But we didn’t…

Need the alightsoul piece