are we banned from that mafia site that tried connecting all the mafia communities? Or just a couple of our users. if it's the former I'm prepared to make and share diplomatic-sounding falsities to assure our reinvitation. Not because I want to troll them, but because I don't want whatever team winning/getting banned from the site to think that they have the best players in the world. clearly we do and I want you guys to continue trying to represent us and showing them how a real top gamers mafia is played

worst case scenario I look hilarious doing it and nothing changes, best case scenario we fix the online or forum based mafia scene by teaching them that dominating in mafia is more than outdoing others in pleasantness or whatever the hell they believe. and sparking a mafia revolution

Joe Biden voice: Do we have some problematic Users? Gosh; I don't know, maybe, but y'know I'll let you in on a secretamine -- I truly believe that we have some of the best darn players you'll ever see. And I hope you believe me when I say I think we've done a good job -- a really good job tightening our borders this time around!

yes I could've made it more incoherent and added more pauses but fuck you guys

I feel pretty bad about when I played in the mafia championship

I think I got mislynched early.. don't really remember

Just remember that I was not proud of myself

im not banned i play there sometimes

but what about the intramural thingy

not sure never looked at those, im sure you could try again if i was part of the rep team with someone

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I may just try and be diplomatic anyways because I know you guys will probably misbehave in the future too

i just hope they dont make me play games i dont wanna get wallotexed

@Thingyman is the man.

NAMafia Competitive Roster:

  1. @bazingaboy

current Mafia Roster Rating: C-

I’ll get us banned for posting full reads lists with no explanation and then calling people idiots for not sheeping me if you want

Please don't.

that was my gimmick for a while and i never got banned

I am at least B tier... cmon

I sent a pm to @Thingyman to let them know we are interested.

We missed out last year.

@ian You did great.
The fact that you got night killed on night 2 proved that.

maybe but not alone

team ian bazinga sounds pretty troll

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Discussing the setup for Season 8.