alternatives to NEL?

Im back after a couple years off from dota. is there an alternative to NEL? RMM is really unenjoyable even with high behaviour score.

I have actually been looking into hosting our own alternative since ixdls dead and it would be a great way to get dota players back onhere. but p much every discord "pick up game bot" has been behind compared to what ixdl offered. I've contacted the guy with the Bot that seems best, but he seems v busy and doesnt wanna share code.

I should probably keep looking or find nondiscord alternatives before some other NEL comes along lol. Maybe it wouldnt be hard to make a react app for it idk. If you or anyones got suggestions here about starting this up as easily as possible (or if one of our users wants to do it for us) please share

also welcome back gurb. let me know if you have any questions on discourse (the forum software), once you get used to it its better than vBulletin. I want more dota posters comin back! I miss reading what good players had to say

i'd be down to pitch money on this, i really miss ixdl. ranked / turbo is so NOT fun

and thx u, ive been trying to register for a couple monthes here, but for some reason the "create account" button wasnt there until i checked today.

lmao i think a bounty for the software would definitely work. Maybe ill try to make a React app then, and you can throw your money into the S1 pool. I still have some stuff I'm finishing up for the site but I can try it after. Hopefully its not too complex for my bran

can't someone just figure out how to use the old ixdl client and just re-host to a new server?

ok pls report back asap. ixdl would be so fun for the summer

LMAO that was my fault because we were keeping certain posters out, thank you to the other admin for handling that. For the record if registration is ever closed again, any of the current users can send you an invite from their preferences if you give em an email for it.

Btw check your preferences, lots of themes n whatnot :) we got greyboxing too now woohoo

and yeah that means if you know any old posters emails you can refer them easy. I dont know who keeps eachothers emails tho thats a little creepy

WIll do. Honestly got excited on my own about this a while back and thought people weren't interested. I guess it's just the nondota userbase on here expressing that. I definitely think NEL would be fuckin better than the reddit leagues or MM lmao. i plan on showing the leaderboard on the sidebar too like on the old site :)

by the way we got a personal board now so you can blog or talk about stuff without feeling like someones gonna find your shit without being a regular here. ill add you to it now.

hell we even got the whack it shack back baby

oh cool tahnks

turbo is okay

Hi gurb-it, how is your sister doing?

make an IHL @SOPHIE

Maybe it's the game, not the players..


Masons gonna play some RO 1.1.1 on a private server

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Anyone That isnt Kyle wanna administrate it :)