Anon Death Note Mafia - Day 2

A new dawn -- a new day. A new death. Carlos -- Better known to his friends as Mason Watari, has died.

Host Notes

  • To adjust the clock, today will be 42 hours or so, to end the game at 12pm CST. Nights are still 24 hours. The following days will be 36 hours.
  • Reminder that no feedback for your night action means you were blocked or guessed wrong.
  • Mafia loses day chat as of today.

Setup: Slanderer, Blocker, & Backup vs 1 Unique SK vs 2 Unique Masons & 8 Scrapholders

Click this link to open the role list.

Alive Players


12 Players Alive, Majority Lynch is 7


@mafiabot startday 3282

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