Anon Death Note Mafia - Days 1 - 5

I was okay with how things were back then. Sure, the Yakuza ran things and my friends were sometimes the victims of petty crime, but it never affected me. Nowadays, it seems like things will never return to the way they were. I was used to feeling like I couldn't do anything about it, until that fateful day when scraps of paper seemingly appeared out of nowhere throughout the city, with a note on the back. Write Name 2 Kill. I thought it was a joke until I saw emergency broadcasts telling people to throw the scraps away. At that point, It didn't matter what the Government told us anymore -- me and the rest of the scrap owners just wanted revenge and a return to the lives we used to have.

Game info

  • The First Day is 48hrs. Next 2 days are 36 hours. Final days are 24 hours.
  • The First Night is 24hrs. Rest of the nights are 12ish hours, subject to shifts.
  • Mafia can only use daychat for day 1.
  • Masons have daychat.

Setup: Slanderer, Blocker, & Backup vs 1 Unique SK vs 2 Unique Masons & 8 Scrapholders

Click this link to open the role list.

Alive Players


14 Players Alive, Majority Lynch is 8

@mafiabot startday 3282

Game begins in 18 minutes, I added a few hours since I havent sent out accounts. Everythings ready though, you will be sent your account now and your role will be sent to it after that.

2019-04-25T21:00:00ZDAY END AT 2019-04-27T22:30:00Z


Wow - Dan has really outdone himself here. Another amazing host.

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Sorry. I don't know why I said that.

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All PMs have finally been sent, and with that the game has begun. Again, please contact me via pm or Dickord if you have any questions or experience any issues. Feel free to pimp your account if you must.

Can you put a player list in the game (With People's real names) Please?

Jordan here.

Barry. Pleasure.

I heard there are scum around these parts how might we slay them

Am I at an advantage for studying the lore of deathnote here?

We began by exchanging pleasantries, Jordan. The game is on.

Am I allowed to accuse you of being Benny yet?

Barry's fine.

Apologies. It would have been proper for me to go about an entrance by way of blogging.

I've partaken in a variety of drugs today, and lately, in general. Many of them have an awesome ability to expand my sentience and broaden my world view. I'm in the middle of a "trip" right now, and I've realized that I don't understand, for example, why people can't just get along.

I've also had sexual relations with women lately. I'll be happy to expand on that upon any reference to this post.

Lets kill barry please

Everybody get avatars

I'm Matt(hew), you might know me better as "Jdance" around these parts. Hello everyone :slight_smile:

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I did not actually sign up for this but dan message me anyways. Let's win