Anon Death Note Mafia Graveyard

This will be a public thread upon game end.

carlos mvp hes gotta be like someone spazing out. hope he keeps up the gringo

also i hope bennys in ths game and everyone flips shit.


Benny is somehow going largely unnoticed this game. I thought yns would recognize him and they'd be at it like usual.

yeah he is taking it pretty seriously and not being him, also those accounts might not have Sigs enabled but if they did theyd realize hes an nma affiliate lol. i think people just think that i didnt allow benny to play lmao

and that anyone who is similar to bennys probably just pretending to be him lamo

I think that's a good experiment. If he was a terrible poster this game they should be able to figure it out.

i cant wait for benny to say this justifies allowing him to play when hes literally pretending to not be him

Baby steps

Also playing with him in mafias like way safer than him being in the lounge or something, "Safety wise" or whatever. And nma being banned means no one he could play alongside to mess with u

Also dude was begging me to play and claiming hes found the light, why wouldnt I want to see where that goes so I could take action against him if this is another charade of his lol. he's just another player, without a partner like nma hes easy to lynch and in other games where you know his name you could straight policy lynch him too. If he plays legit in the end and isnt coordinating any buffoonery I dont see what the prob is

he's consistently caused problems intentionally and that makes people not wanna play

Yeah we can hash that out when he signal a game with a public sign list

That Is a decent point but if he is the only "goyclub member" signing, then not signing because of him is just being a little girl about it...imo it would be way more problematic and worth unsigning if it was him and another goy that regularly disrupts things. Two goys trying to troll fucks a game way worse...

And Maybe Benny is just appealing to me sensibilities and i shouldnt forgive him or some shit but I really dont see what the problem is if I wait until he does something Awful again to rid him or something. He seems like hed be pleasant without nmaganes influence

i don't think him signing should be all up to you. even as host you should listen to what people say and people pretty much all say don't let any of them sign

sometimes benny plays fine and is just a normal player but like 25% of the time he just trolls ans wants to game ruin is the issue.

also you're forgetting that benny talks to nma/jdance/jones ein teamspeak all the etime nad they talk about the game which is unfair.

thats like minds for 1 player, on top of that they will just log his account to troll


Ill wait for other takes