Any interested in a try-hard game of mafia?

I am up if we want to get a try-hard game going

Rules (up for discussion)
no toxic fucks, no trolling, no blogging, everyone who signs up is willing to commit a full hour minimum of play per 24 hours, 20-30 game related post minimum.

Preferred player list:

im down but i will hundred percent bail if anyone goyclub gets in

as far as I know none of goy club are on the list above.

gwez slowdive? i don't keep tabs on goy club members

sure ill give it a try

idk they share accounts with everyone


Signing as long as there isnt the goy club. So good so far.

I like how faz disincludes Roragok/other people who told him directly he was being being an ass from his "preferred players list"

Half these people haven't come to the site in months and several (gamut, friend) were basically pushed off the site because they didn't play the way faz wanted but they are still "preferred" over anybody that tells him not to cheat in mafia

Fuckmafiauniverse is goy and previously shared his password with all the goy club like a little goy slut

The account is dirtied and we shouldn't allow it in our virgin mafia forum.

Who is everyone?

Roragok doesn't meet the try-hard requirement

You I just don't like playing with you anymore.

Kyle said I cheated more than anyone and he is on the list

so get a new theory, I just find nothing pleasant about interacting with you all you do is whine or moan or act cynical or "troll"

Half the people on your list don't meet your "try hard requirement"

You just don't like people who tell you directly when you're wrong

I dont want to play with you or yns or ian

2 douche bags and a blogger.

I just think you 3 make games unpleasant to play with your toxicity or ian's non-game related bullshit

The rest are welcome to join if they are willing to commit to requirements, I have no issues with them.

again it's my personal preference list of who I would like to play with

i stopped posting not at all because of faz and enitrely because of goy club

this is true im pretty sure

i stopped liking mafia because of role pm posters (photoshopped or not), account sharers, and the weird ass nyte harassment


@anon82208883 @nyte you in?

I'm pretty certain this level of mafia will never be reached again. What's the point of mafia when we can not soar any higher than perfection?


@mafiabot slist