Anyone want to talk about the new TT drama?

TeamTeam kicked SammyBoy for EE.
Now TT kicks Gunnar and Nesham.

Is EE doing his same old thing and kicking people left and right?

Could TT replace them with Universe and 747?


>EE joins
>bar is raised higher
>sorry, we want T1 players now

fromw hat i remember ee is a shit player arteezy is way better god bless

dont watch anime


Rip sammyboy

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gunnar gonna win ti and EE will die of a brain aneurysm in the exact same moment

stop watching anime so u dont become ee

you could wife hannah barron if you stop watching anime too...


I thought anime was the opposite of this? Power Of Friendship and all that

should have let the players play in disney then kicked them. Thats kidna fd up by him.

youre right its either or for the Real Stuff

EE's warped cuz he likes the weird shitty animes about like WMDs inside of little girls and theyre too powerful to be stopped

i was pressured into watching jojo's by will4zoo and feb (4n6)

the first season is fucking horrendous

they tell me oh yea its not for everyone but it gets really good

so I try watching the second season - still bad

time to wait for new hxh i guess! :skull: :skull_and_crossbones: :zzz:

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Anime is gay and for dweebs

preach sister!

Part 2 is great but has same problem for part 1. Part 3 is when stands are introduced and it starts making a name for itself. Part 4 and part 5 are for more modern.
You have to remember this shit started back in the 80s

Also waiting for new hxh tho. In 10 years when it's finally done maybe the anime will start