Apologize thread

For apologies only. No drama, just reconciliation.

I am sorry to anyone I banned without them asking me to on the old forum (I think this is alightsoul, jones, and scsf). I could have done better.

I feel so much better.

Based thread. Thanks Huber and I'm sure they forgive you

i'm sorry i got mad in that mafia game that 1 (one) time

I'm sorry for being a low IQ individual

Sorry isn

Sorry for misspelling ur name too ian

Sorry again ian


I'm sorry matt for years of psychological abuse

I'm sorry to nyte

Finally I'm sorry to myself for not killing myself by the accepted deadline

Sorry about everything

Apologizing is one of my favorite things ever. Honestly I love it.

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wait you had one of those too? what was the deadline

When I was done with college I think

I kept putting it off though it started earlier


Once I found out student loan debt is discharged on death it was a go

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