Are there new t-shirts yet?

I need one in order to get a press pass at TI so I can hang with the cool people

Oh fuck I found my old NADota t-shirt in some stuff I put in storage back when I was basically homeless.

I can’t find it. It was one that said " thats why ur not competitiv u stuypid fuck"

Does this work

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bring back “shut up, idiot” shirt

Seems we can get hats. Maybe aaron still has the big logo I can slap on…with this on the back…


ft on tea eye winner


Teespring will let me make shirts for $10.22 a pop (no profits)

finalize a logo (get spit to approve the “NA” and paste namafia on the back or something) before TI and give people enough time to order and receive shirts

this is your chance to rake in the big bucks

NADOTA was never formally copyrighted, and I don’t really know if there’s a prior art for what went on with NADOTA (if spitwad actually sold whatever “rights” he had to the name to the russian dude)


i was thinking stupid shit like this. this is always going to be my suggestion

Needs to be slightly different or people won’t realize there’s a new site

just classic blockletter bullshit. There could be a joke shirt too but I’m not quite sure what we could use for it

What? Didn’t you read the bottom? Thrall rights reserved. Super copyrighted

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I give my rights to those who want my stupid mspaint drawings for a shirt. all proceeds go to dan’s costs running the site

Do you know how hard it is to get a far seer these days? Those guys are scumbags. Just try getting one to represent you in court.

I might have to reach out to a few front-end friends who are for freaks and see if I can get the font. If I can get the font we’ll just have to just gotta commission someone to recreate that red dorito. Maybe we can put two doritos on it and people will know this is nadota 2

I can literally remake the original logo right now