argument with nmagane - need input

I was in a dota game with nma earlier and i was doing pretty good on phantom ass’ and got a really early phase+deso+sny. the enemy axe was kind of doing good in his lane so i went to gank him but he had a blademail. eventually he’s just stuck on this tree. he can’t enter my vision or i’ll just dagger him to death but if i get too close he’ll call and blademail and i’ll 100% die cause i have no hp pool.

apparently he had wards near the tree so he was PERFECTLY dodging me on the opposite side of the tree. i kept a good distance from the tree so i don’t get called and tried to get vision for a while but i never saw him at all. we did this for a long ass time.

anyway while i was trying to get vision of axe I WOULD SAY i’ve GONE AROUND THE AXE A BUNCH OF TIMES. nma is telling me that IVE NEVER GONE AROUND AXE ONCE???

like wtf is this guy retarded? have i not gone around the axe a bunch of times even though i didn’t see him? the retard was watching this happen and he says i didn’t go around him at all.

did i not go around axe???

pic related


The pic you linked is a really inadequate representation of the situation. Maybe nmagane is onto something?

It is certain that you did not go around the axe. The angle between your vectors was zero at all times.

You have gone around the tree - but the axe? No way.

here is basically how it looked like in game. i chased the guy down but he just dodges me cause he has vision, i went around him like 15+ times

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Use the Quelling Blade to cut down the tree.

stay on topic please, did i not ROTATE round the axe many times?

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It seems like you did, but we’ll need a Replay to judge further.

the replay would show this played like 7 or 8 times

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I’m a mathematician and can verify this

how? i was going around and axe was in my around??

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there are replays ibn that videogame just download it and throw a gif on some website link here

I think the axe went around you

if i’m the blue circle and axe is the red circle and the tree is the green circle is this not proof that i went around axe and was going around axe the whole time?

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How do you know if you only saw him sometimes? He had vision of you allowing him to go around you

can you draw what you mean? i don’t get it

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just download the replay u idiot

what the flippin heck