Artifact tourney season 2 when

Season 1 participator asking cuz I was robbed

Looks good. Deploy rng removed and those dumb attack arrows removed. Looks like u just attack in front of u


That is a very fast sequel

At least they'll never have to make a third one.

Soon friends

Beta signup here:

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The website actually looks like a scam website designed to steal your steam login

I thought the same thing. It's legit.

How do u know

I did a check and then I got an email from Valve. Check your email.

Anyone get into the beta for 2.0? Jones is streaming it right now.

I did not get an invite.. unless it is hidden in the library and they did not send a notification

I hear it is very buggy right now

Jones is streaming and I still don't have an invite.


This is bullshit.
I prepaid for the game to get into the beta. The open beta was for 8 days. And now this.

Be patient I'm sure they intend to let us in

Game's in a pretty sorry state right now as I understand

Game is shit and so are you (using the Royal you there)

Hello! Was just wondering if people were down to play , me and my friends host an inhouse on the beta and we need 3-4 more people to join in. I don't know if this is the right place but yeah.

Hi. I don't think anyone here has beta access yet, but if your group is running tournaments I would be interested when I get a beta invite.