Asian students with 25% chance of admission to Harvard would have chances increase to 36% if they were white, 75% if they were Hispanic, and 95% if they were black.

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Harvard sux

asian nationals or asian americans? big difference imo

investing in american kids instead of rich smart chinese foreign exchange student #239058 seems fine to me..

probably not what the article says, but idc

Agreed, but I have a question:

Do you count second generation immigrant kids as "American"?
If two "rich smart chinese" born parents move to Chinese Chinatown in Chinamerica and have kids there - how American are their kids really?
They probably talk more Chinese than American in their day to day life.


Almost got baited

answer to the first question is yes and the rest of the questions are irrelevant as I already stated my opinion on who should get the preferential treatment

Well if birthplace is all it takes for you to qualify your classification of immigrants, I suppose you're right.
But personally I wouldn't count a full Deep Chinatown kid as a real American the same way I wouldn't consider an Ultra-Amish Farmer a real American.

k nobody asked

Nobody asked for your opinions either. But we're here to share and discuss.

Would you consider a caveman living underground an American and give him the same opportunity as genuinely discriminated black/hispanic teenagers?

The answer is: No you wouldn't. The same applies to the hardcore deep-chinatown areas of American inner cities.
For all intents and purposes those people are Chinese and living in China, in every sense other than geographically.

Thought experiment: Take out Egypt and put it in place of a US State. Nobody acts any different in either country.

Am I now American? Is it really all geographical to you?

this is the part where i stop responding to you, you can give up now

I really don't appreciate you bucketing me in with Jones and Alightsoul when I genuinely agree with you on most topics.
I am not here to epic troll you le 4chan style, I am legitimately trying to have a serious conversation regarding your seemingly arbitrary nationality classifications.

If you have no serious opinion on this matter you can just go ahead and say it, but don't accuse anyone who speaks up to you of arguing in bad faith, because that just makes you no different than Numeta.


This especially really makes no sense to me considering your other opinions on migration and culture.
Literally who cares if it's an immigrant kid? They will be more American than most "american kids" in no time.

Literally National Socialist opinion post.

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he's right you know

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okay well i'll respond to your posts another time nows not a good time