It is well known that you are the most elite card game players on NADotA (rip broodstar). Will you teach me how to get good at magic so I may join your elite ranks? I feel like I’ll never reach my true potential without a dual coaching session from @q0q15 and @Nmagane


I can’t because the Morons at Wizards of the Coasts took away all my cards and don’t even have a spectate or friends feature.

I’ll stream my games to you

Or narrate them over the teamspeak

Stream them into Namafia

Magic is very simple you just play your guys and attack when you should.

I’ve never played anything before except for Android Netrunner. And I’d play an HB deck I designed that focused on assets that made a ton of money then throwing out a ton of ice and winning the lategame

Elite? R1 Gwent (when it was popular) and multi-legend HS player here. Can @Nmagane show similar feats?

I got no idea what that means sorry.

I know jones is kind of good at Hearthstone, but I would not call @Nmagane an Elite Card Game Player

No offense.

I was rank 20 in gwent when it was popular playing a sub optimal deck (at the time). I have no interest in hearthstone to play to legend.

That being said the only times I’ve played hearthstone in the last few years were against jones and I won most of the games we played.

I’m playing Prismata.

I had a significantly Higher winrate in gwent than Broodstar which made him really mad hahaha.

I look forward to see you on the Artifact battlefield then. I hope Nmagane becomes a household name in the Artifact Pro Scene.

Did you play red in gwent?

I played all factions