Aui2000++ Day 4

@Nyte the Town Doctor was found deaded.

Alive Players


Day 4 Start

Day will last until 2019-07-11T14:00:00Z or majority lynch.

@mafiabot startday 3841

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

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wolfy, murs, epok, kyle, KrazyKat,

Alive Players - 5

Majority Vote - 3


"bazinga is cleared"
"dont vote bazinga"
hammers bazinga

murs, explain please

it could be kyle openwolfing with that "i'd kill iaafr cuz he's the only one scumreading me"

it could be kkat even tho i was wrong to think he's traitor but it still could be him

and it could be murs

only got 2 shots, do not miss your chance to blow. this opportunity's once in a life time, yo. u better lose urself

there is a chance murs is scum, and thought he was outed, and thought the traitor isnt bazinga and quickhammered bazinga cuz he was outed anyway so why not drag a townie with him? and turns out bazinga traitor. that would be hilarious. but the way murs was pushed by bazinga d1 makes me doubt it? i dont think traitor would wanna bus at all early on, maybe not ever. one cuz u lose if ur scumbuddies are dead so u literally cant bus, two u risk getting them nightkilling u

so i townread murs most, and then im deciding between kyle and kkat

still carrying over my tunnel on kkat, but ive yet to reread bazinga's and friend's ISOs now, knowing their flips and comparing with kkat and kyle (and murs). and the votes too

i think the traitor being extremely unlikely to bus is a very sound argument

(that wasnt sarcastic. just in case. cuz ive been sarcastitc alot recently but this one wasn't)

scumreading everyone but kkat

altought scumreads dont actually mean anything if u dont actually vote. like, he could be distancing from potentially kyle. votes matter. i think chances are most of bazingaboy's votes he made throughout the game were all on town. that's how i would play as traitor i think and i think most people would play like that

i'll explain my end of day hammer in a bit, driving to work rn

bazinga's vote history:

d1: epok (which doesnt matter) and then murs (which matters alot imo, since murs wasnt far away from death. he wasnt there to self-pres himself which was funny)

d2: friend -> murs -> friend

now, the first friend vote may oppose my theory a bit that traitor will never bus. but i think my theory is still correct and it's just that friend was scumread by a lot of people and it's not like bazinga was at risk of gettign killed from his scumbuddy friend (since friend was gonna die anyway) and i guess he tried to go deep.

murs vote matters alot too imo, he was seriously pushing murs. if murs is scum, what was bazinga the traitor doing day 2: bussing BOTH of his partners? the same partners who if they die bazinga dies too? now, bazinga is not a very intelligent person, but even for him, that's too much

last vote on friend also doesnt matter since at that point we all jumped on him and it was locked that he was gonna be the lynch. bazinga was also self-pressing himself against friend so it makes sense in all worlds and all alignments that bazinga votes friend there (so my theory is still accurate imo)

day 3: vote only wolfy

so, he never voted kyle. he never voted kkat

he openly townread kkat and hard defended him. he soft pushed kyle. both of those could be things scum buddies do

so in my conclusion murs is town and we choose between kyle and kkat. @SOPHIE do u agree?

well this is 100% lock town win cuz im never getting mislyncehd and im not allowing murs to ever get mislynched aswell and we can afford 1 misylcnh between kyle and kkat.

so we could just stop trying and go win the game

but for flex points, we can try to win the game today

kkat was buddying bazinga alot. it could be that thats why he killed iaafr, to try to prevent iaafr from sheeping me and lynching bazinga yesterday.

kyle also was kind enough to present a valid argument about why would he, as scum, kill iaafr

skimming over my day 1 i was pushing friend + bazinga + kyle + kkat. shame i got fooled by friend later on. my reads were nice as usual. and ppl still flamed me as usual

well my townread on nyte d1 was purely cuz of the mason claim and then i pushed her d2 so my reads weren't that godly

but like its weird cuz apparently everyone saw friend is obv scum but from my pov he was towny for a specific thing that i townread murs in a similar way about. and murs was "apparently" obv scum but turns out he's town. so like it's just fate. it's just basis of how u read ppl in mafia games, when you read in a way against the consensus sometimes you'll have godly reads that no one has can catch and sometimes you'll be wrong on things that were apparently obvious to everyone. and that's life.

but i do think the "emotion > logic" basis on reading ppl is on average more accurate than "logic" standard type of basis. and that doesn't mean u just auto townread ppl who are angry and use insulting words, it's alot more than that. all emotions matter and u can express a lot of them even thru forum.

emotions generate thoughts which generate actions so in a way emotion=logic

or maybe i just have the brain of a woman

im not sure if scum!kyle realized bazinga was his traitor so im pretty hesitant to give kyle town points for that vote

kkat saying "i townread bazinga but he's making me worried slightly" reeks of scum/scum so badly. but kkat isnt the traitor it was bazinga, scum!kkat had no 100% way of knowing bazinga was his traitor.

it could be that he just realized it's him throughout the course of the game / some sort of signal betwen them. would fit with scum!kkat killing iaafr to save bazinga (since the main scum can make the kill, the traitor cant)