Auto Chess

Why do I suck so bad at this game?
I usually do well early, but I always end up in 5th or 6th place.

you need to have the same units to get the bonus

Yeah I get that. But I still suck.

Are you trying to build combos whenever you can? Are you amassing gold and trying to abuse the gold threshold shit and vasically making use of all of your chess slots? Since selling back is free you should just be buying with the intention of making high level units and selling back shit that is taking up slots and not building to anything upgrade or synergy wise.

Alao are you combining items, are you doing weird strats, are you not buying multiple demons, etc

Yeah I go for good combos like orc warriors and goblin mechs.

I need to remember that selling back doesn’t cost anything.

Also fun fact I learned. If you have 2 different druids, you can buy and combine 2 level 1 druids (ench for example) and sell the unit for a +1 profit. Buy 2 ench for 2 gold, combine, and sell for 3 gold.

I still dont really get when to level

Tip 1: on turn one, buy bh > clockwork = axe > tusk = ench > bat rider > the rest.

Tip 2: on turn two, you want a power unit. Beastmaster (even better with axe), Timber (clock or bounty or tinker), queen of pain and chaos knight are the best ones. Luna is good too because she opens up possibility of knight strat.

What youre most concerned about is a tanky lineup in your starting set.

Turn 1: bh>am>axe>drow>the rest
Turn 2: 3 ofs>2 ofs(with some exceptions)>whatever synergises with your turn 1 pick>beastmaster>timber>the rest

6 Elves are generally broken, hunters with -armor is good, mage+elemental is good, orcs/warriors are good (this is all for midgame). Lategame is all about who has tide/techies/dusa and who gets off their shit first (positoning)

I’m an INTP female; an aspiring fantasy author, I work in commercial food service, and I hate math. Feel a litttttle out of place here, honestly. But I love factorio and keep coming back to it. I enjoy figuring things out, even if I’m probably going about it utterly ineffectively

Rule of thumb is whenever you aren’t wasting exp in the early game. Usually pushing to six before hard ecoing (sitting at 50+) then leveling up when you get a good unit/synergy or you need to be stronger to save win streak/not die

I learned that bumping your level is cheap early and the units you draw gets better too.

i believe this “game” to represent the very apex of autism

anybody still playing this? the last few matches have been against bots.

Half of Dota’s numbers are coming from this game. That’s crazy!
Half a million reservations. Can’t wait for this tbh.

twitch added a separate category for this…heavens

The game deserves it. It has so much to it that even a mid/low rank rook player like me can always be surprised, and learn something new every time. I doubt it was intentional, but they really nailed the strategy aspect.

actually the game deserves it because it’s fucking annoying seeing a bunch of chess streams under the DotA category when it’s clearly not the same game

new patch :D

here's the auto chess dotabuff type site

it's actually pretty sweet