Avatar: the Last Airbender - Day 2

The waterbender and earthbender coalition woke up after their disappointing day slaying the Earthshaker to find TheGreatWIngdingi, waterbender (probably?), burninated off the face of the earth.

It was probably Trogdor, the Fire Nation Burninator.

The Avatar and his brethren swore revenge: the Burninating had to end.

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Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

LuckyArtist, KrazyKat, slowdive, Roragok, Nyte, SuPA, Matticus, theGreatWingdingi, Klaze, epok, ironstove,

Alive Players - 11

Majority Vote - 6


idk why it killed logarithmic instead of the greatwingdingi


day 2 has started but the bot killed logarithmic instead of thegreatwingdingi for some reason

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He was town, I realized about halfway through the push so definitely purposely failed to vote.

You’re full of shit

Reminder that you were nowhere to be found at EOD

I’m lynching you forever.

Thoughts on Klaze? Do you guys think that he was checked by Asoul N0?

That sounds counterproductive

That’s a dumb comeback. I was actually around and made my stance clear. I was agreeing to a no lynch. My highest scumreads were interacting in a way that I felt would be likely to lynch town.

I'll fix the bot but I'm going to bed shortly.

Let me go reread EOD where you said that.

Go reread whatever you think you need to say you’re rereading. You’re not town.

Yeah, just read EOD and you were softening both Kyle and Wingi up.

@mafiabot vc

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