babble royale

anyone playing this? its addicting

Babble royale?

it's scrabble battle royale

my mmr is 1500 someone goml

My little brother is playing this lol. You guys would probably be buddies

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tell me his mmr

if it's above 750 I'll fold

I didn't know there was MMR

you'd be a better match for me, hop on

you would think this game is casual because it's scrabble but it's still filled with sweaties that want to win the one winner videogame like every other battle royale

Every game is "ranked". There are a large amount of battle pass owners sweating all over the checkered board. this is shitty word country

better catch up while you can

@faZ i know you would like this stupid game


game do be bullshit

i was about to own these guys until i lost to amis when this game doesnt support most acronyms besides AIDS

plays of the game

it's fun but getting rolled by spammers in the first 30 seconds can get old

your board is refreshed when you're out of letters and spamming 2/3 letter combos is necessary to be able to move around quickly and get the points to upgrade

and spamming words over the same blocks makes it impossible for enemies to build into you without a bomb. that's probably the worst part, you'll lose to them if you don't bomb first and the man sweats

good luck using x outside of lox axe tax six fix z beyond oz zoo zap/za j around ja(r/m) or jo(e). you want to get that shit off your board asap so if you can't refresh you're not boned