How many of you guys have played it? It's a great game.

I am shit at it compared to the streamers but I love to watch them to see how far a well piloted deck can go.

I still haven't broken 100m hand, but I saw this vid of a guy shitting out a 2 billion + hand. LMFAO.

@SOPHIE and I discussed it here. He could merge the discussion from the other thread into this one if he wants.

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It's no surprise someone like you likes it so much though. You are easily entertained and unintelligent.


Watching numbers going up to a billion is fun if you're 8 years old maybe.

Something I forgot to mention in the other thread is that Balatro takes away most of the interesting elements in Poker as well. No betting, calling, or folding... it might as well be a "Go Fish" roguelike.

I wanna have cards in my hands when playing a card game.

Balatro is not particularly a "card game" in the modern sense either, it's really its own genre of Spreadsheet-simulator.

The best card game is Gwent before the open beta patch

Absolutely true.

I'm a simple man, and women like a brave simple man. It's what we're evolved to be.

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No. A simple man plays Call of Duty and Madden Football. You are at a pathetic inbetween, a hybrid freak with poor tastes.

Pot meet kettle

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Not even close ■■■■■■. You wish.

Anybody who plays any card game ever probably has some issues. Glad I left card games behind me after becoming the best at Gwent

This is in the group of games that are justified as card e-games because it’d be impossible to play in real life. Way too much multiplier garbage

And much to the chagrin of our friend here, it is a good game. For one guys work over whatever few years and what I assume is his first game, it’s pretty frickin good. I’m curious to see what balances the new patch is gonna have

I hope he nerfs Some of the challenge decks and higher stakes.

The only real real complaint I’ve seen of the game besides that stuff and boring jokers is that most people I’ve tried to get interested have no idea what’s going on. There could be a lot more explained but I skipped the tutorial immediately so maybe it was idk

Some of the menu flow is complete garbage like no ez retry button for challenge decks is dumb as fuck but maybe that’ll get patched too

It's not a good game... like I said in the other thread.

Also while it is his first commercial release, that does not mean that we should treat it with any less scrutiny. The game is simply extremely repetitive and boring (at least for my tastes) after the first 10 or so hours, simple as.

If you're interested in the developer's side of things you can listen to this interview:

Basically he talks about how didn't base the game off poker in any way and how he had never played a roguelike/card game before and didn't want to.
It shows in the final result - a very unique and genre defining game that is mostly popular because of its stellar presentation and high streaming watchability, despite its immensely shallow gameplay.

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