Ban Me Please

I missed NADotA, but after reading asoul posts today, I realized I was better off without ever seeing whatever that moron thinks. There’s no way to delete my account, so ban me please.

Don’t open the website. I don’t see why I gotta hand out my first ban to the worst case for using a ban

Is there a way to hide his posts? Would you mind not abandoning the site until I get that answered lmao

dont leave so soon ewiz, ill miss you



you dont mean that

I don’t think leaving the site over a user is very necessary. I’d rather host a me or him tribunal if it couldn’t work out

Yes I agree we need a tribunal

I would never make that a long duration ban tho. Peuple just have to learn to control themselves

This is the preferred solution. Me or him, for a permaban

People like the poster from egybbbt

I have no problem with nma, honestly. Asoul is just a disgusting piece of filth

Just hyped up tonight. Sorry about that - had too much sugar

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How old are yall to get mad over someone on the internet


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Hope this wont happen to me in 6 years

lmao u guys gotta chill

i dont want either of u banned tbh, nma either

just dont look at the screen when the other person posts boys!

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is there a forums feature that makes the tab you have open unable to be closed? Like could we actually make it impossible to NOT read the forum

2 Likes this is 8 days old. I’ll have the ability to show a post as muted in a fat hr, and make it do that onclick it’ll unhide it. But yeah it’s a little harder to deal with until discourse gets this pr merged

Love it!