Basketball thread

The weather is perfect right now for playing - made a few clips the other night

Who here plays?

Sorry about the sideways ones. I’m getting pretty clean after only playing for about 2 years

I only shoot 3’s :money:


thread of the year


can u dunk?

Not yet I’m close though. Maybe in a year or so?

The first gif is very impressive - well done.

I’ll get more clips later stay tuned.

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You’re shooting form looks like u got hit by a bus and and cant rotate your spine and hips the same way

Thats what happened to me

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My dad shoots like that - He’s really good at scoring threes

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Lol wat. I’ll admit my style is a bit weird but I certainly have no problem turning. I play that way because it’s impossible to defend if your opponent never knows when you’re going to shoot.

Adjusts glasses Phantom Shot!

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My playstyle is a mix of Hockey/Baseball tbh lol


My playstyle is a mesh of Mushi/Arteezy




Imagine if Vincere (thats a contraction of Vince and were not a reference to Natus Vincere) at the legendary TI2 nadota basketball game

Next TI I’ll be hosting the Basketball matches

Vast majority of the forum is sleeping on this thread because of the boring title

Glad I could get in before this one takes off

Idk how they can sleep on gifs of numeta playing bball

When the fuck is Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden 2 coming out? That game has been in decelopment for like 6 years…