Battle royale thread

Fortnite pubg realm idk what else there is


Anyway they fucking sux rn i think

I only like fortnite cuz u can really meme unlike in the other ones

Buddy of mine has been playing cuisine royale

I like pubg still shits pretty lit


I like it

The building shit in fortnite is too reddit tier for me

That might be a u thing cuz it’s really not lol

If u don’t go on reddit the game is fine, reddit ruins a lot of things and fortnite is one of them

i was fucking around with Realm Royale after it came out, game is pretty fun in small doses

LF Quake Champions duelers

Ad me jacka$$

I’m f2p so I can’t actually start a custom lobby to duel Lol.

Jacka$$ is not a valid name in QC.

QC name “jilsen” if you want to duel :slight_smile:

i have to go see if this cat is adoptable and then im meeting with some peeps later

If you’re f2p too we can’t play Lol!

i am definitely free to play. maybe we could 1v1 in fortnite or realm royale or dota 2 instead.

Yes - Dota 2 - dota ! dota ! dota ! dota !