Beautiful Day Thread

Post ITT if its a beautiful day

Its a beautiful day

had like 5 beautiful days in a row and i've taken a few photos of every 5am sunrise

will post at some point

Pretty day. The one on the left is a pecan tree. With all the rain this year it will be a big harvest.


It rained like crazy all day, i walked for hours in the rain, it was beautiful.


Rainbow liked my post? Whomst the fuck is rainbow?


Was gonna get bbq after climbing but it was raining

Now it’s a beautiful day

Black folk bbq?

It's a beautiful day

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another beautiful day in east harlem...


When we FaceTime our dog I sing "she's a beautiful dog" to the tune of that song.

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Go home and pet your dog and then go to your JOB i am begging you

There is no WAY i am the only one upset by this guy vacationing for 6 months right??

You are not ALLOWED to post in the beautiful day thread anymore. And i hope you have an ugly day.

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Quit your job and start a go fund me to enable permanent vagrancy

I worked in my job for 9 years to be able to do this

Once you are 9 years into electrician work you will understand