Beautiful Day Thread

shoutout to the most confusing sign of all time

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Was stoked to find out that they made these the other day.


Rank your favorite members of mega64

big benny

Is there a new mega64 cast? I don't recognize those.

You seem like you would either put Garrett at the bottom or near the top. Depending on if you respect his game knowledge

Mega64 LLC has hundreds of employees

You're definitely not a Shawn guy

For me? It's Derek.

I called in to mega64 podcast one time. They misread my name as "Jeno" though.

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It was a great show.

Nice. I used to listen to those a lot.

Definitely a good "friend sim" type podcast. Makes me a little nostalgic for giantbomb podcasts I used to listen to around or before then too. They probably weren't as good but it had a similar vibe

Friend Sim? Are you gay?
I listen to Mega64 podcast as my only source of the latest news.

I have friends. I don't need a "Friend Sim".

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No charisma, cant even watch the video because the guys are just too boring

The charisma and entertainment comes from my jokes and gags.

Exactly my point.

Seems like everybody on screen is just waiting for somebody else to be interesting, say something interesting, make something happen etc

Sucks all the air out of the room. If u want to have a podcast u should have the ability to play off the brilliant humor of your callers and compound the humor of the situation. These guys should cancel their podcast, they are not funny and are not contributing anything.