Beautiful Day Thread

Let me tell you the secretbthat has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity.

Success so clearly in view... or is it merely a trick of the light?

Just spotted this one in the wild


Ghoulish horrors, Brought low and driven into the mud!

Theres this other dude at the gym in the mornings who is more ripped than me and also a pizza driver

Hes low key attractive.

High key fuckable

While the heart still beats, desire will never die!

another victim of the classic right wing brainworms

Got my hopes up. I thought it said Zelensky OS

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Secrets and wonders can be found in the most tenebrous corners of this place.


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yea too hot could use some of those shitty 12 mph wind days right about now

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It's a nice day

It is literally 46,333 degrees out

too hot

hit the band off the tee today only to have my disc kick 30 feet right, ricochet off a tree, and go sailing into the water. still a beautiful morning

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