Beautiful Day Thread

Before you get all upset remember that i literally do not make the rules

Def a difference between breezy and windy though. At least in Chicago. Lake Michigan meme

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True good use of the english language there ■■■

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actually i'm a fraud apparently, yesterday was the cloudy day and i'm such a whatever that i hadn't been outside yet today and just assumed it was the same weather


my mistake

will update with pics soon..


truly a beautiful day rn

To clarify it's like 20mph wind here atm

Im sorry to hear that, truly

Truly an ugly day. And youll never get it back. An absolutely useless windy day.

There will be more beautiful days. And some even better than those.


throwing when it's that windy can be hilarious. not a good day to be taking it seriously though

they dont call it the windy city fer nuthin :onthego:

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Who gonna make the lovely day weird Al style flip

Very nice day today
Yesterday was also very nice I even went for a walk (to chipotle)

11 mph wind today. Day is absolutely ruined.

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The 11mph wind was actually very nice for my run. I did not sweat

day salvaged

Plus i have 30 minutes to do this easy fun stuff before work :))

Beautiful day outside.


Oh yeah we got a live one