belittling others in a podcast thread

here’s a place to discuss podcasts

Terry davis is probably my favorite “Podcast”


I listened to an episode or so of JRE through Jones Teamspeak Micspam and I can’t say I was a fan

I’m serious

JRE has never been a good podcast. Same goes with Marc Maron.

Was I being facetious?

I don’t think you listen to a lot of terry davis

I don’t like podcasts

new podcast up

You have no idea.

Well i’ve watched every video of his and you don’t act like someone who has done that…

Or you do just to point and laugh like some 4chan loser

We’re two entirely different people. I’ve watched them to witness his spiral downward after a bunch of freaks made him paranoid and discontinue treatment

Yeah so you just do it as a joke. Got it.

I don’t think his tragic demise is a joke. I don’t laugh at that shit.

Do I think his views are pretty misguided and retarded? Yes. The man is a stunted autistic dude that society has failed, and I have hope that the future will provide better options for people in his situation, to better acclimate and integrate into society.

“Witness his spiral downward” sounds like you’re only watching for entertainment…

… Are you delusional?