Benny: A Disgusting Individual (edited by epok)

Alightsoul and ersu are morons

Making fun of somebody for being in a bad position and being honest about it isn’t in good taste

I understand you’re trying to curry favor with your new goytard “friends” and you’re going to argue it’s all ironic but I think you genuinely fail to understand the difference here

Making fun of you is justified because you’re an intolerant and self-aggrandizing prick

Making fun of slowdive is just sad.

i dont get it

I don’t think he is trying to fit in with us. I don’t know what this is

If only he had a motorcycle and knew some bartenders…

Oh can’t forget about a 401k

I got to work for my dad in defense and then shout at people online for saying Obama wasn’t the most ruthless commander in chief

I’ll do that for free.

Great character reading, everyone

Nice job, greatest character reader on the forum

Once again proving you’re a complete moron

Isn’t this all direct screenshots from the lounge? You’re violating two core rules of the lounge:

-taking info and posts from lounge, a private place for people to talk about their lives, and sharing it outside the lounge
-using someone’s lounge posts to harass them

Benny was banned from the lounge for much less. If ewiz isn’t banned here we will have no choice but to assume failed moderator epok is once again enforcing rules selectively to protect his friends.

You’re a fucking moron

Benny also broke another rule by posting in the mafia game as ewiz

make bad thread

call people morons

get ugly tattoo

You guys heard the latest days and days album?

How fucking stupid can you be?

Christ almighty he actually admits to giving benny his account in that mafia game (banned player)

How stupid can YOU be, ewiz. They aren’t your friends.

What do you mean? We are his friends. Don’t discuss the ongoing mafia game out of thread though.

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