Benny: A Disgusting Individual (edited by epok)

My “not good at mafia” is like 90% accuracy vs my old 100% whereas your “not good at mafia” is 20% as opposed to your normal 30%

No, you haven’t played consistently decently since back when faz was a regular

Second measure of intelligence:

Can’t tell when he’s being manipulated by goy club, defends them in cheating accusation thread when jones openly states nma is cheating

Wintermute is somehow a Grub AND a worm hahaha!

Anyway it isn’t me. Check IP’s

As I asked him in the other thread:

Lol I was going to make a cross-breed joke but I didn’t want to make it seem like I was joking.

Last game I played I correctly identified all scum at a higher rate than any other player in the game

If I am not good then that makes every other player REALLY not good and that makes you literal garbage tier

You’ve played for 4 years and still haven’t had a single game better than my worst game

Regardless you can converse with the other members of the forum, all of whom agree with my assessment of got club and of your recent actions.

This is wasting too much of my time.

I’m statistically the best player. You guys can fight for second place.

Who the best player is is up for debate but everybody is clear on who the worst player is.

Ewiz has played for years and is still performing at lower metrics than random nobodies that wander in from the street

Sure, dude. In reality, you just want to ruin this place, and you know the best way to do that is to call for bans. You just like starting shit because you’re a spineless fucking worm

Your reads accuracy is lower than random chance

Think about that.

I posted here peacefully without any “ruin” whatsoever until you decided to come back and start shit

The only people I want banned are nma and you as you’re toxic to a forum’s culture. I’m glad you’re posting threads like this and showing your true colors.

You two should play a blitz chess match to settle this.

LMAO are you fucking stupid?

Wintermute refuses to play timed chess so he could use stockfish to cheat

Additionally, I didn’t “start shit” at all. You started shit by posting a worm thread and @ing me from it, posting this thread, and giving benny your acc info.

Don’t blame me for your own retarded actions.

lmao you’re really fucking dumb, worm

We can have it at a preset date so every forum member can spectate the game and both players get some time to improve their chess play