Bernie Was Robbed

Thanks KZZ, thanks for Trump asshole.

I’m never going to forget how the Democrats robbed Bernie.

Fuck you KZZ.

Fuck superdelegates. Fuck Donna Brazile.


It is as the DMC

Fucking Thanks.

bad thread​​

anyone know kzz’s new reddit account?

i’m #stillwithher


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Lol why is this so funny

bet kzz voted for Jill stein

KZZ voted for Hillary, he actively defended the US’s murder of Anwar Al-Awlaki.

The Democrats (the DNC)


the Election.

That’s why I wouldn’t vote for Obama’s second term

If Bernie isn’t my President in 2020, let’s just say we might have to go “shake” things up!!!

Hillary voters arent real democrats

A conscientous, informed, and human rights-oriented voter in the modern day has only two options:

  1. Bernie Sanders, or
  2. Ron Paul.

ron paul is a rabid racist

there’s also tons of proof for this w a simple search

Ron Paul Is A Rabid Racist?


if we lived in Ron Paul’s libertarian funland, his racism wouldn’t even be an issue because everyone would live on their own plot of land, farm their own food, and never come into contact with one another.

ron paul isn’t even a fucking racist

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