best namafia shitposter thread

im going to give it to jdance with yns as a close second. I didn’t make this a poll cuz I couldn’t rmeember everyone, someone else can make one ITT if they want tho

so far no one approaching bui levels however. much work to be done

Best shitposter? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Best poster so far is probably Forrest

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Jdance is the best thing to come out of goyclub since Kaptenrobert

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yes its an oxymoron, but some shitposters are on the funny side

forrest def has the best effort posts

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jdance isnt actually goyclub

jdance is the ebst yeah… dudes got a surreal life

wish i had jdance legs

I wonder if the cute 15 year old at my work will let me catheterize her

haha thats not dan im pretty sure

You linked the 8th post in this thread, mine. See end of url

dan your pic is universe right


If the intention of “shitposting” (to quote) is to clog up a forum then the person vouched best is actually the worst as they are providing entertainment value and are acting in contradiction to their title.

shitposting’s more of a generic term for offtopic/flame. GOTHwarCHILD was the king of it

You’re the king of it and then Friend.

That’s your opinion, which has been tenuous at best.

My opinion is honestly the most correct one on the site. The combined comedy and jokes IQ of ALL members of the site is probably about 95 hahaha!

gogey and lbj have 160 IQ each dude