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big money iaafr hosting


special hammer format that serves as eod dont post line
inconsistent day lengths according to iaafr’s availability
any mods can close the thread after hammer
no flavor unless i actually feel like it (unlikely)
experimental setup

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@mafiabot host

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will not start unless i get at least 13

will start probably a day after i get 13

@mafiabot sign

@mafiabot sign

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Don’t let @nyte sign

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@mafiabot sign

Ian shouldn’t be allowed to play either

tbh i dont get the big deal with posthammer posting

the recent times it happened werent gameruining imo

i never towncleared for it

but maybe ill just make a rule that the person hammering has to post that theyre aware theyre hammering and use a special format for the hammer vote

and if they dont the vote doesnt count

and if they do, that post automatically serves as the “don’t post” line

That wasn’t even the problem in my game. I clearly posted that the day had ended, and people that had clearly read that pst continued to post regardless

yeah im not saying it was the problem in your game

im just questioning the principle of it

but i just came up with my own solution anyway so hopefully itll work

@mafiabot sign

Your solution still allows exactly what happened in my game

the hammering player must post that theyre about to hammer 5 minutes before they hammer

the post that announces that theyll hammer is a warning that there will be a hard eod in 5 minutes

if somebody somehow takes over 5 minutes to make a post, doesnt check whats in the thread, and posts it, then lmfao