Blue Collar Confusion

When you get a tattoo you are paying for the service of application of the tattoo to you. The tattoo is inherently uncommodifiable. The image you applied is. That's why the tattoo can be v unique to me. Application is very significant

Talking about a custom tat job like I'd get and not gangster Looney tunes ofc

When you get a custom chair you are paying for the service of building of the chair to you. The chair is inherently uncommodifiable. The chair design you applied is. That's why the chair can be v unique to me. Building is very significant....

You can resell the image, but how it applies to you and having it designed for yourself (location, viewing angle, colors etc) is what is unique. The act of commodification strips the uniqueness away as I see it

I guess this is all just semantics and therefore bullshit tho

No you're just wrong frankly......

Yeah I could be on copium and would be happy to be converted to the based ascetic view

You are describing/discovering something well known and understood & widely discussed in sociology. You can find better writers than me to describe it

But yes - different social groups have different desires - you are experiencing this 'alien' world because you are crossing social groups here (your context is probably UMC-informed even if you consider yourself an outsider to this group - these lower middle class desires are extra-alien to you) - luxury goods are largely the province of LMC who have some desire to show off by displaying fancy things - UMC desires largely the opposite (perhaps particularly due to a desire to differentiate from LMC) but if you look closely they are there. Less obvious to you because you grew up around it. But college is a great example to me. People where I grew up display their kids' college admission on their car the same way LMC might display 40 inch rims and a new subwoofer - it's status signalling.

And lastly is the replacement of veblen goods with veblen ideas - signs in the yards that say "In This House We Believe," Robin DiAngelo books, suggestions to defund the police.

I suggest opening Rob K Henderson's twitter and just scrolling through, clicking a few things. You will find it interesting. He writes about this stuff extensively and interestingly but twitter is a terrible medium so really all you can do is follow and wait for him to talk about the specific topic we're talking about here.

you are the biggest fuckign redditor of all time......

Saw a GSX R750 with say "contested" ownership housed in the back of an elementary school to keep one of the owners from stealing it.

One week ago I had a some meth head white dude ask me what I did before this: should have told him that I did agricultural labor but I wasn't thinking and let it slip that I was a rocket scientist (I wasn't).


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"I have never felt burnout"

What the FUCK